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At Daybreak School of Music, the health and safety of our students and staff are our top priority. We’ve introduced an online music education program which allows students to take music lessons remotely. 

Weekly online instruction is conducted by our passionate instructors using video conferencing technology, from the safety of your own home. 

We are accepting new students! Please watch the video below for more information. 

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Online guitar lessons, online piano lessons, online drum lessons, online singing lessons, and online bass guitar lessons are all offered through our music lesson program. 

How do online lessons work?

  1. Download the FREE Zoom app (for iPhones/iPads Droid devices) off the Store like any other app you have (it’s Free!), or create a FREE account at
    We will be sending you a separate email and text with a link to your Instructor’s Virtual Class Room
  2. We will also be calling each of you in person prior to your lesson to review the Online (Zoom) system and help you be ready for your lesson this coming week. We have been receiving very, very positive feedback from other fellow music schools around Florida and across the Country that have also gone on line this past week, and even parents who were afraid or skeptical came back and said- “it was the highlight of my child’s day!” Our goal is to bring some normalcy into our students lives and music is one of the best cures for cabin fever!
  3. That’s it! We have an awesome lesson planned and you’ll meet with your same instructor each week!
  1. Be prepared and ready at least 5 minutes BEFORE your lesson is scheduled begin. Have your instrument tuned, headphones on, and computer/phone set at a good angle. 
  2. You will likely have to allow use of your microphone and video. Please do so!
  3. Headphones will GREATLY improve the sound quality. We highly recommend using headphones! 
  4. Don’t get TOO close to the computer/phone as it will distort the audio quality. We’ll test and adjust once we get started.
  5. We mostly need to be able to see your hands and your instrument. For most instruments, a camera angle from the front will work well. For drums and piano, a side angle may work best.
  6. We recommend that parents stay in the room or nearby during lessons to help as needed, especially with young students.
  7. As with anything new, there could be some technical difficulties and bugs to work out as we all adjust to this temporary new system.

If you have two children that take lessons at the same day and time, you will receive a different link for EACH CHILD. We will send an email for each lesson with a customized link for your teacher. If the lessons are currently happening at the same time, you would need two devices and have each student in a different room so that sound and distractions do not interfere from one to another.. If this is an issue, let us know and we will make adjustments to solve it!

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